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Using Curl For Ad Hoc Testing Of RESTful Microservices


There are plenty of tools available for testing RESTful microservices today. Most of them, e.g. SoapUI, are comprehensive solutions and best fit for creating testing suites. Using such a tool to check a single faulty endpoint would be an overkill.

So what should you choose for ad hoc testing instead? There are simplified GUI tools, e.g. Postman, and many developers are happy with them. But if you are after ultimate performance and love command line, there is a better option - curl. In this post I'll show how to check RESTful endpoints using curl with a lot of

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Testing Go Code With Testify

While Go supports testing out of the box, there are multiple testing packages that make writing unit tests a bit less verbose. The most popular testing packages are Testify, Gocheck and GoMock. On the moment of writing (March 2016) Testify is developing more actively and has significantly more committers. In this post we will learn how to write unit tests with it.

Testify packages

If you have Java or .Net background, Testify will look like an old friend. It provides assertions very similar to jUnit family together with mocking support. Testify plays nice with default Go testing package and includes

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