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Collecting Logs In Elasticsearch With Filebeat and Logstash

You are lucky if you've never been involved into confrontation between devops and developers in your career on any side. In this post I'll show a solution to an issue which is often under dispute - access to application logs in production.

The issue at hand

Imagine you are a devops responsible for running company applications in production. Applications are supported by developers who obviously don't have access to production environment and, therefore, to production logs.

Imagine that each server runs multiple applications, and applications store logs in /var/log/apps. A server with two running applications will have log

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How To Create Your Own Cluster With VirtualBox

Are you itching to play with a cluster, but not lucky enough to have one at work? No problem. In this post I will show you how to create your own cluster with VirutalBox. For that you will create and configure a prototype node (Virtual Machine) that fits your needs and clone it to create a cluster.

This is a foundation for future posts where I will show how to use Ansible and other technologies operating on a cluster. But first things first - let's create our own cluster of virtual machines.

Installing VirtualBox and creating a prototype VM


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How To Use DTrace On Mac OS X

There are many performance analysis and troubleshooting tools for software engineers nowadays. The most popular among them are debuggers and profilers, which hook up to your program and show what's going on or how much resources are occupied by who. These tools usually work in user space and don't tell you much about how your program interacts with OS kernel. So if you need an ultimate drill down tool, DTrace could be the one.

Dtrace is included by default with Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. There is an equivalent for Linux, Strace, but it is not as great for

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Blogging For Learning

In this blog I would like to share my story of why I started blogging and why I am still doing this. I have being working as software engineer for 10+ years and always considered writing blogs as a waste of time. It is not that I didn't want to have one. I just had strong feeling that a better way of spending my time and energy would be to learn from other people, not sharing my experience with them. So I continued polishing my skills via doing online courses, reading other people's blogs and so on. I could not

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